About Well-being Training Institute

atlanta_center_for_wellness_aboutThe Well-being Training Institute (WTI) teaches essential skills to achieve optimum well-being. Our expert instructors provide personalized training experiences in inspiring settings, allowing time for one-on-one attention to make sure all attendees understand and can use these skills in their daily lives.

WTI brings national experts to metro Atlanta to share with mental health and other healthcare communities the latest research and treatment techniques related to overall well-being. Using cutting edge tools, WTI’s expert instructors teach essential skills that help participants (and those they serve) achieve optimum well-being 24/7.

We are proud to collaborate with Atlanta Center for Wellness (AC4W), an outpatient private practice focused on an integrative-wellness approach to mental health. AC4W specializes in both traditional and alternative psychotherapies, offering individual, couples, family, and group work in the areas of mental health, addiction, eating disorders and holistic health. Their personalized and individualized care and treatment models are derived from a multitude of scientific disciplines which come together to provide opportunity for maximum health and wellness for their clients.

Elizabeth Martin

Founder, Well-being Training Institute (WTI)

elizabeth_martinThe idea for the Well-being Training Institute (WTI) came to Elizabeth Martin organically, during a time when she was searching for instruction on her own journey to well-being.

As an experienced educator, she knew she would need two- to three-days of hands-on, intensive training to fully understand the techniques, but she couldn’t find anything like that in the Southeast. She tried one-day programs, but most featured one instructor to 12 or more participants, so no one received much fully concentrated personal time with the instructor. While these programs were enlightening, they weren’t true training experiences.

So, ever the entrepreneur, Elizabeth decided to create her own institute where expert instructors could provide personalized training experiences in inspired settings, allowing time for one-on-one attention so participants could truly learn techniques to optimize their well-being 24/7. WTI was born.

For anyone who’s followed Elizabeth’s career, the fact that she founded WTI won’t be a surprise. She has been a passionate educator, career coach, and business leader for more than 25 years. She’s committed to helping people feel better – physically and emotionally.

Physical therapy was Elizabeth’s first calling. She trained at the University of Mississippi and, upon finishing school, held numerous coordinator positions in physical therapy and rehabilitation, served as a clinical faculty member at Emory University for eight years, and was Director of Rehabilitative Services at St. Joseph’s Hospital.

In 1993, she went to the Olympics – not as an athlete, but as the first woman in history to carry the responsibility for directing Medical Operations for the games. She was recognized for her work with the 1996 Olympic Games with the highest commendation from the International Olympic Committee.

Following the games, Elizabeth served for five years as the first woman President and CEO of the Georgia Chapter of the Arthritis Foundation, and led the Chapter into the national spotlight. She received numerous awards for excellence in business management and public health initiatives.

In 2002, Elizabeth launched Elizabeth A. Martin and Associates, where she specializes in leadership development for senior and mid-level professionals, primarily in the public health arena. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and numerous public health programs at Emory University are among her notable clients.

When she’s not consulting or coaching, Elizabeth is an avid volunteer, serving academic and non-profit organizations. Her recent board positions included the Advisory Board of the School of Public Health at Georgia State University, the Mercer University College of Health Professions Department of Physical Therapy, Achievement Awards for College Scientists, Heritage Sandy Springs, and The Sandy Springs Society. She was named to the Atlanta Business Chronicle’s edition of “Who’s Who in Healthcare” for two years running, and serves as a keynote speaker on the subject of collaboration.